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Federal Guest Concierge

Experienced, professional travel concierge service for Foreign Service Officers and U.S. Citizens to return to the United States 

Our Partners
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About FGC


FGC makes returning to the United States easier for Foreign Service Officers and their families.


 We provide a booking code and full-service accommodations to one of our preferred partners.

Simply log in, choose your location and hotel, and let us take care of the rest.

FGC is not affiliated with, nor does it represent or compete with, the federal government. The company has a listing of hotel partners that guarantee room inventory and rates that are lower than GSA, for the placement of the Foreign Service Officers, U.S Citizens and their families in their temporary relocation to the United States as the Nation navigates through COVID-19

We are Here to Help

If FGC can assist you or your family in your relocation needs, please contact a principal of the Federal Guest Concierge team. 

Ginger Payne 

Phone: 571-383-4406

Frank Denniston

Phone: 703-675-8438

Jonathan Schoenfeld

Phone: 571-330-3044

W. Douglas White

Phone: 727-348-5406

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